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American Horror Story Season 9 entitled 1984?

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of American Horror Story, revealed on Instagram the title for Season 9 of AHS. The title is going to be American Horror Story: 1984. He made the announcement by posting on Instagram the below video:

The teaser looks like something from a low budget 80s slasher film. A young lady runs through dark woods to an abandoned cabin with a wooden door. The faceless killer pursuing her plunges a knife through the wooden door. She screams. American Horror Story: 1984.

Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy are the only confirmed cast members for Season 9. Evan Peters has said he will not be returning for Season 9. So that is all the details that have been made to the public. But keep in mind that the people at American Horror Story is well known for misdirecting fans at what the theme for AHS is going to be.

Many are saying that 1984 is going to be an 80s slasher concept. As interesting as this sounds, is this the whole truth?

1984 is also the name of a novel by George Orwell. Orwell’s 1984 tells the story of Winston Smith who lives under a totalitarianism regime in a place called Oceania. Winston is constantly watched by the government, Big Brother. And there is a ban on individuality.

Could AHS Season 9 be a reimagining of Orwell’s 1984 and the slasher trailer is merely an attempt to mislead us?

The Orwell 1984 theme would be more in line with what American Horror Story has been doing in Season 7: Cult and Season 8: Apocalypse. But an 80s slasher theme AHS would be more in line with what made AHS successful in the first place with themes like Murder House and Asylum.
At this point, it is no telling what the theme will really be. We will just have to watch and see.

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