Halloween 2 Rumored To Film This Fall

I guess the old saying is true. You can’t kill the boogey man especially when the boogey has made Blumhouse $159.3 million in the United States and Canada in box office sales on a $10 to 15 million dollar budget. Add in another $94.9 million for a total worldwide gross of $254.3 million. Even when you take out all the marketing expenses and adding in other revenue, Blumhouse likely walked away with a $128.5 million net profit for the film. That means that despite locking him into the basement and setting him on fire, Michael Myers is coming back.

Numerous sources has reported that the untitled Blumhouse Halloween 2 is set to be filmed in September 2019 and will be released on October 16, 2020. David Gordan Green is set write and direct the sequel with Jamie Lee Curtis set to return as Laurie Strode.

While many moviegoers liked the 2018 Blumhouse Halloween film, I was disappointed. For me the film seemed unbelievable. The transformation of Laurie Strode into a Sarah Connor (Terminator) doomsday prepper type character wasn’t believable. And the whole scene where the podcasters hold up the Michael Myers mask to him at the mental hospital was very unbelievable.

But what is truly unbelievable to me is that Laurie Strode would lock him into a trap basement safe room, set him on fire, watch him burn, and yet they expect us to believe that Michael Myers survived. I guess if he survived being set on fire in Halloween II than he is fireproof.

So the 2020 Michael Myers is going to the hospital as a crispy critter than come alive to kill hospital staff as he searches for Laurie Strode and her daughter?

It will be interesting to see the Blumhouse take on this franchise sequel. I am sure it will make lots of money like the first one after all it is Michael Myers and Halloween. But the key question is will it actually contribute to the Michael Myers and Halloween franchise or is this just a quick cash grab. Only time will tell.

Written by Sgt. Horror


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