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Is the New Chucky an Alexa Gone Rogue?

Child’s Play Trailer Released

Orion Pictures has just released the first trailer for their reboot/remake of Child’s Play. The film is the first in the Child Play’s franchise not to involve the franchise creator Don Mancini nor Brad Dourif. The 2019 film was written by Tyler Burton Smith and directed by Lars Klevberg. Child’s Play is set to be released on June 21, 2019 and stars Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry. Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker is the voice of the new Chucky.


Check out the new trailer:

After viewing the newly released Child’s Play trailer, it appears that the new Chucky is some sort of robot doll called Buddi. The Buddi doll appears to have artificial intelligence which allows it control objects connected to the internet. This seems to be a departure from the original movie where the doll is possessed by a serial killer. The killer seeks to possess Andy in order to have a human body.

In the new trailer, it seems like some disgruntled employee or someone has modified a Buddi doll to make it evil or a killer. Or maybe the computer chip this guy implants into the doll is possessed by a serial killer. It’s hard to tell. But based on the picture below it appears this guy tampered with Chucky doll.

If you pull up the website for the Kaslan Corp, which is the faux website for the maker of the Child’s Play Buddi doll, you can get a glimpse at the technology that the doll has. This technology includes high-capacity sensors, hd cameras, wireless, and state of the art sensors. Based on the trailer, it seems the new Chucky can take control of any Kaslan products. According to their website, the Kaslan Corp makes the Chucky doll, Kaslan VAC, Kaslan kOne Speakers, Kaslan Drone, and Kaslan Hub. Chucky takes control of these other Kaslan products and uses them to kill his victims. So basically, the new Chucky is a doll version of an Amazon Alexa gone rogue. Only time will tell.

Written by Sgt. Horror


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