Pennywise Halloween Mask Ads Seek to Scam Horror Fans

Pennywise Halloween Mask Ads Seek to Scam Horror Fans

A few days of go I saw a sponsored post on Facebook for an amazing Pennywise “It” Halloween Mask. The ad states 2,489,894 liked. Rated 4.8/5. And that the mask is perfect gift for Halloween. The ad contains the video below which shows an amazing Pennywise “It” mask worn by someone.

The ad asks that you click on a link that takes you to a shop. The domains very from Gooddayyoga to 200diningandshoppingdollars. There you can buy via a “It” Mask which is on sale for around $34.99 with free worldwide shipping. However, this great deal is nothing more than a bait and switch scam trying to target Horror fans through Facebook ads.

How am I sure of this?  Well look at the site below that is selling the mask.

You see the picture of their “It” mask on display. Well that isn’t the mask they are selling. That was a picture taken from the internet. It is actually a limited edition handmade Pennywise bust that sells for $749.99 on Etsy. See below:

As far as the mask in the movement video on the Facebook ad? My guess is that is a high quality “Soulless” Silicone Mask made by Shattered FX. The mask in the ad is clearly not a latex mask and only silicone masks have that type of movement. The bottom line is to be careful. People are always out there looking to scam the horror community any chance they can. If you see this ad on social media sites, report it. They are also selling Michael Myers Halloween masks and Freddy masks on their website.

So what type of it mask do you get for $34.99? I was able to grab a screenshot of a customer photo before the seller deleted it. See below:

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