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Rob Zombie, Where is the Real 3 From Hell Trailer?

Last week, Rob Zombie fans were delighted to learn that the 3 From Hell trailer was going to be released this week. Zombie initiated a six day countdown on social media for the 3 From Hell trailer.

The release of the trailer came and fans quickly learned that the 3 From Hell trailer wasn’t really a trailer.

It didn’t answer the fans questions about the film. It didn’t reveal any of the plot points that would create excitement. In all actually the 3 From Hell trailer wasn’t really a trailer.

The 3 From Hell trailer that Zombie teased to his 1.5 million Instagram followers for six days was merely a 50 second teaser that Zombie is calling a Teaser Trailer. And 19 seconds of the teaser was stock footage from House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects.

Check it out below:

What is interesting is that it really doesn’t show anything. It leads us to believe that the Captain Spaulding, Baby, and Otis survived the shoot out at the end of Devil’s Rejects. Or maybe just Otis and Baby survived. It’s possible that Captain Spaulding died and that he is just in the movie a few minutes via flashbacks. And who is this Winslow Foxworth Coltrane that Richard Brake is playing and why is he with Baby and Otis.

At this point the plot can be anything. It feels like this is going to be some kind of prison break movie. Or maybe they did die at the end of Devil’s Rejects and the whole #freethe3 is a campaign for the devil to free them from hell. Than once they are freed from hell they unleash murder on earth.
Who knows. But despite the disappointing scrapbook montage teaser, I am still excited for the release. I hope Rob Zombie didn’t mess up this film like he did Lords of Salem, Halloween 2, and part of 31. Only time will tell.

Written by Sgt. Horror


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