Robert Englund To Host Travel Channel Show

Robert Englund To Host Travel Channel Show

Robert Englund is set to host a new Travel Channel television series titled Shadows of History.  The show will be produced in one hour episodes. It is unclear how many episodes will be in the first season.

The Travel Channel describes the show as “Can fact be stranger than fiction? Join Englund as he revisits the most frightening peculiar and spine-tingling stories that made headlines in the American press.”

The Travel Channel has really been making an effort to cater to the horror community. The channel is full of creepy paranormal shows. Some of which are done really well while others are really cheesy.

Jane Latman, General Manager for the Travel Channel, states: “How can you make fascinating and petrifying stories even more scary? Add the genius of Robert Englund. As if tales of flying monsters, zombie cannibals, and ghost ships were not enough, we are cranking up the volume for maximum impact. And our fans are going to go nuts for this legendary actor.”

It will be interesting to see how they are going to shoot this. There are two possible scenarios.  They could shoot it where Robert Englund is traveling to the location and leading the investigation on the ground to the stories. The other scenario is where they shoot a bunch of footage of Robert Englund in the studio talking about the story and than cut in B roll footage and reenactments to tell the story.

I hope they would do the first scenario. I would like to see Robert Englund on the ground visiting the sights and interviewing the people. But to keep production costs low, the show will probably be Robert Englund in a studio talking.

Regardless of how they do it, I will check out the first few episodes. This has the potential to be either really good or really cheesy. will continue to cover it as Travel Channel makes the details available to the public.

Written by Sgt. Horror


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