The Collector 3 is Happening!

It’s no secret that actor Josh Stewart and Marcus Dunstan have a great working relationship. Josh has starred in The Collector, The Collection, and The Neighbour. But it was quite a surprise when Josh Stewart shared that The Collector 3 is in the works. Horror fans have been waiting for this film for awhile as The Collector and Collection are both solid horror movies that highlight the cruel and bloody creativity of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. The Collector 3

IMDb has the film labeled as being in “Pre-production” with shooting dates of July 2019. Marcus Dunstan is slotted as the director with Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton as the writers on the project. The Collector 3 is set to star Josh Stewart as Arkin and Emma Fitzpatrick.

What is interested is IMDb has two titles for the film! The Collector 3 is listed as the original title but the title now appears to be The Collected. Yet the poster suggests a different title as The Coll3ctor.

Nothing has been revealed as the plot as the summary for the film just states “This is the third film in the Collector franchise. Follow up to 2012s “The Collection” by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.”

It will be interesting the approach that they take to this. If you remember, The Collection ended with Arkin tracking down the Collecctor. He goes to his house and confronts the unmasked Collector at gunpoint. Arkin reveals that The Collector was driven insane by his father who was a museum curator. Arkin plans on torturing and killing the Collector. The Collector attempts to fight Akin but the film ends with Arkin placing The Collector into one of those infamous red trunks and locks him inside.

So if The Collected is a direct followup to The Collection does that mean that The Collector escapes? Or does Arkin kill the Collector but in doing so he goes insane and becomes The Collector? Only time will tell. This is definitely a film that will be watching for.

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