Trick or Treat Studios Set to Release Jordan Peele ‘Us’ Collection Mask & Costumes

Looking for costume ideas for the 2019 Halloween season? Trick or Treat Studio just announced a release of Officially Licensed Jordan Peele Us mask and costumes.

The collection includes:

US – Jason Costume ($59.99): This costume was made using actual screen used pattern and swatches which were provided by Jordan Peele and Monkeypaw Productions. The costume comes with everything that Jason wore in Jordan Peele’s Us including the Wolf Mask, Tuxedo t-shirt, Magic Ring, & Pajama Pants.

US – Jason Wolf Vacuform Mask ($12.99): This mask is identical to the screen used mask. The mask is made in Vacuform and comes with an attached strap on the back. The mask was cast directly off the master mold of the mask worn by Jason.

US – Pluto Mask ($19.99): This mask was also made directly from the screen used mask in Us.

US – Prop Scissors ($9.99)

US – The Tethered Adult Costume ($79.99): The Tethered Adult costume comes with everything that the Tethered wore in Jordan Peel’s Us including the Coveralls, Glove, and Scissors.

US – The Tethered Child Costume ($69.99): The Us Tethered Child Costume comes with everything that the Tethered wored including the coveralls, glove, and scissors.

The items are on available for pre-order.

Written by Sgt. Horror


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