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Big Top Evil (2019) Review

Big Top Evil (2019) Review

Sean Haitz makes his feature film directorial debut with clown cannibal horror film, Big Top Evil. The movie was released by Gravitas Ventures on August 27th, 2019 on Blu-Ray, DVD, and VOD platforms.

Big Top Evil is a throwback to the campy B horror movies of the 1970s and 1980s that many horror fans adore. The film stars Bill Mosely, J. LaRose, Sean Haitz (yes, he can act and direct), Jisuara Cardinale, Chante’ Demoustes, Cameron Hall, Morgan Ferreira, Grace Haitz, Chris Potter, and Austin Judd.

The film begins with an inmate, Jay, visiting his new attorney. Jay begins to tell a tale that sounds like a B horror movie. Friends on a road trip, an evil carnival, a crazy ringleader, and a horde of sadistic cannibal clowns. As you could guess, Jay and his friends encounter the group of cannibal clowns and things doesn’t work out too well for them.

What is amazing about Big Top Evil is the quality of the project for such an indie film. In today’s film industry, horror movies that have a budget of $3 million or less is considered low budget. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) considers movies with a budget range of $700,000 and $2,500,000 to be a low budget movie.

The budget for Big Top Evil was approximately $50,000. Despite the small budget for an indie film, Sean Haitz does an amazing job with creating an indie horror movie that does more than other movies with significantly larger budgets. He was able to attract legendary horror actor Bill Mosley to the project and film some very dynamic scenes.

While the film is not perfect, any issues with the movie has more to do with the limitations and challenges of low budget indie filmmaking than with the talent of the writer and director. This leads me wanting to see what Sean Haitz could do with a larger budget.

Big Top Evil surpasses other clown themed indie horror films in both story and quality. If you are looking for a campy 80s throwback with some sadistic cannibal clowns, than you should give definitely give Big Top Evil a watch.

Check out the trailer:

Synopsis: Five disparate youths, lost on a road trip to the location of the infamous ‘mangrove slasher,’ end up being pursued by a cadre of cannibal clowns.

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